Seminar Kits

With all of the cancellations during 2021 we are all looking for new ways to reach out to clients, prospects and virtual seminar attendees. Kits are one way to do this.

Educators' Leadership Academy with University of Central Oklahoma had to revamp their seminars to be virtual. They needed a way for participants to get involved and excited for the sessions. Each participant received a Welcome Kit with a message from the director. The kit also included items to use during the seminar as well as some items that were for general use. 



Unique themed gift ideas make employees’ holiday spirit sparkle

THE OPPORTUNITY Customer holds an annual company holiday party and creates a unique theme each year. To create lasting memories of the event, each employee receives a themed holiday ornament. The theme of this holiday party was Disney’s Toy Story.

THE CHALLENGE The customer needed to tie the theme together with a unique ornament that fit the party budget and timeframe, and not violate licensing requirements for the Toy Story brand.

THE SOLUTION Houston Promotions identified a custom ornament that not only remained on theme, but was also creative, lasting and memorable without running into licensing infringement. The recommended themed ornaments were custom made with durable PVC material that beautifully showcased the company logo. In addition, attendees received an 8”x 8” branded popcorn container that they could fill with goodies and then use as a table decoration.

THE RESULT The gifts were such a hit that there were not enough to go around! Everyone took their keepsakes home, and they were talked about well after the party was over.


Detailed work featured on pewter ornaments to be sold to support cause

THE OPPORTUNITY The customer was looking for a fundraising idea to help raise money for notable causes. A local and nationally known Western artist offered his talent to assist the customer with fundraising.

THE CHALLENGE While still focusing on fundraising goals, the customer needed a cost-efficient solution that captured the details of the artist’s work.

THE SOLUTION Houston Promotions recommended a pewter ornament as a medium to showcase the artist’s talents and detail skill. Since pewter is an ideal medium for 2D artwork, it brought the artwork to life.

THE RESULT The fundraiser and ornament generated positive media coverage and publicity for the customer and the artist. Since this ornament featured one-of-a-kind art, it truly could not be found elsewhere. This concept became so popular that the customer continued offering new ornaments featuring the artist’s work for several more years.


Gift idea recognizes Capital Campaign generosity and impacts alumni favorably.

THE OPPORTUNITY University hosts a fundraising Capital Campaign targeting alumni. The fundraising team wants to acknowledge their donors’ generosity with a gift that will be well received, greatly enjoyed and leaves a good impression.

THE CHALLENGE Find a unique gift that would be appreciated by the alumni, while not giving the impression of being extravagant or overpriced. Also, since the alumni group is comprised of a broad age range of alumni members, what may appeal to one demographic group may not appeal to another.

THE SOLUTION Houston Promotions recommended a branded gift that evokes a sense of elegance without sacrificing the budget: a stainless-steel traveling wine holder presented in retail-style packaging for a high-end gift feel.

THE RESULT The Capital Campaign donors expressed pleasure and were very appreciative for the gift—while the non-donors wanted to know how to purchase this wine holder!


Innovative branded ideas are key to making successful trade show impact.

THE OPPORTUNITY Customer's marketing team wanted to design a coupon for a major tech trade show to stand out among all the vendors, while increasing traffic and brand awareness. There were numerous creative options, but selecting one with the most staying power was crucial.

THE CHALLENGE The marketing team had to ensure the coupon would not be discarded or lost, so traditional ideas were not an option.

THE SOLUTION Houston Promotions recommended a technology-oriented item: screen-cleaning cloths with a full color imprint of the coupon. This gave the customer maximum brand exposure both at the tradeshow and beyond, as trade show attendees would likely keep this useful item.

THE RESULT As part of a pilot, the customer's marketing team ordered a small quantity for testing at the first tradeshow to assess its viability. The screen-cleaning cloths were such a huge success that there were not enough to go around. Since then, the customer has included this item as a staple giveaway at tradeshows.


Simple, creative ideas impact causes in need within the community

THE OPPORTUNITY A lending company hosted a golf tournament fundraiser benefiting cancer research.

THE CHALLENGE  As a major sponsor, the company needed creative sponsorship ideas that would blend beautifully with the event.

THE SOLUTION Houston Promotions recommended large, durable flag sails along the course that can withstand extreme weather and elements. The flag sails also introduced subtle brand awareness without getting in the way of the golfing activities. A branded prize spin wheel was also recommended to create an energetic and interactive method to raise money to cover medical bills for a local realtor with cancer.

THE RESULT Players across the golf course commented on how noticeable the signage was without getting in the way of the actual game. The quality of the branded prize wheel made a momentous benefit keepsake as well.


Volunteer appreciation dinner brings opportunity to say thanks

THE OPPORTUNITY A city Parks and Recreation Department wanted to say thank you to its volunteers for all their hard work during the previous year.

THE CHALLENGE Finding a gift that the volunteers will appreciate and use long after the dinner was over while staying within its limited city-department budget.

THE SOLUTION Houston Promotions recommended giving each volunteer a set of coasters in the shape of a sunburst, which aligned with the customer’s logo.

THE RESULT Parks and Rec reports 98 percent of the volunteers at the recognition dinner were very pleased with the coasters and very few were left behind.

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